Zika in the Eye?

original article: http://www.medicaldaily.com/zika-virus-eye-conditions-vision-problems-microcephaly-387911

As the case count of Zika continues to increase, we are learning about more interesting symptoms and complications of the viral infection. A new study by scientists from Brazil and Stanford University has found interesting new ophthalmologic symptoms of the virus in 3 case studies of babies born with microcephaly whose mothers were infected with Zika in the first trimester of pregnancy.

They found 3 main retina problems – first was hemorrhagic retinopathy (Yay, bleeding! We love bleeding in this class), in which there is bleeding in the retina. The also found abnormal vasculature in the retina, with missing blood vessels where cells may have died. Thirdly, they noticed torpedo maculopathy in children, which is the presence of lesions in the macula.

The more we learn about the disease, the scarier it gets. It will be very interesting to see as new basic biology research starts rolling out what the mechanisms are that are causing these symptoms. In particular, I think things will really heat up as we start learning more about its long term effects, particularly on women and pregnancy, and its effects on adults.



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